Preschool Children

English in Kindergartens

Learning English Through Play - Preschool class (ages 3-6)

This program for kindergartens will be a chance for children of all abilities in English to participate in a developmentally appropriate, fun and engaging English lesson.


The lessons will be split up into 4-5 activities to keep their little brains focused. We will start every lesson with greetings and singing songs with instruments, next we will do movement/action songs to burn some energy. We will practice tossing, balancing, dancing and jumping all while Learning English. We will relax by reading/creating simple stories to promote literacy skills. Lastly we will have a chance to discuss the world around the children’s environment, including names of animals, weather, seasons, numbers. The lessons follow the theory that children learn best while doing so each lesson will be very hands on.

In kindergarten lesson (45 minutes) from 350 CZK

Signing up and information

Please contact me at if you are interested in future cooperation and want to learn more about this program.


Please contact us if your kindergarten has an interest in hosting our lessons.

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